Attention: Faith Based Coaches, Purpose Driven Leaders, Bloggers, Authors and Consultants!

Are you ready to Create and Profit from your 1st Online Course?

Have your ever said to yourself….

• I have a great idea but I don’t know how that could translate into an online course?

• Who would pay me for my message, gift or talent?

• I want to create a course, but I don't know where to start?

• I am tired of people consistently coming to me for free advice, can I turn my advice into an online course?

• How can I turn my book into an online course?

• I want to create a course, but who has time to learn the technology? I think it is just too hard to jump into this space!


My name is Danita A. Scott and I am a leadership trainer, professional speaker, and an online course creator. I am here to make creating and profiting from your 1st online course easier! I'll teach you the framework for developing, creating, and selling your very 1st online course for profit.

As a leader, I am on a mission to empower faith based and purpose-driven leaders to create powerful and profitable online courses. I love faith and purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Why? Because you love people enough to help transform lives, but I have a question for you. Who is helping you earn the profit you deserve for your brilliant ideas? This is where I step in.

Here is the deal. I know you are an expert because people are always trying to “pick your brain” for free. As a leader, people have come to expect you to have all the answers. Everybody says they love you and you have excellent ideas but paying for your expertise is out of the question…or is it?

Sadly, I see a lot of hardworking coaches, authors and consultants struggle because they’re spending too much time giving away their knowledge because they just want to help people. Have you noticed endless hours of scattershot work isn’t getting you the results you really want? It’s a deadly trap that’s easy for people with a big heart to fall into.

Imagine if you could give high value to your audience without giving way your expertise for free. I say it is time to monetize your gifts and share your expertise for profit, with online courses. This solution could offer you freedom to finally charge for your gift and serve your audience. If you are tried of the hype, ready to take action on your ideas, and monetize your expertise this Launch Your Course for Profit Online Course is for you!


Launch Your Course for Profit will help you turn your ideas into action.

No matter how good you are at what you do, no matter how hard you work, or how much you produce, one of the most important skills you need to develop to thrive in business is this the ability to turn your ideas into profitable action. This workshop is different because it is about taking massive action on your ideas and getting simple, easy to implement steps that will help you launch your online course quickly. Creating a online course will offer you freedom to finally charge for your gift and serve your audience.

The Launch Your Course for Profit Online Course

What you will learn:


• How to come up with a course idea for your students.
• How to validate your course idea so it best serves your future students.
• What lessons to include, regardless of your type of course or topic.
• How to determine and deliver the level of support your students need.
• How to build a course with low or no budget.
• How to choose the best platform for your needs, regardless of your technical skills. 
• How to quickly create teaching resources like workbooks, worksheets, PDFs, etc. that help students get the most of your content.
Powerful Bonus Content

-Master Your Sales Intensive

The secret to launching your course is having a powerful sales message for your ideal clients. I teach you how to sell your course for profit before it launches publicly, with confidence, at the right price. I will teach you the exact strategies that made one of my clients $3,500 in 7 days from her very 1st online course!

You will also get to hear from one of my most successful faith based clients that turned her ideas into action and made $10,000 in 90 days after launching her 1st online course.

Launch Your Course Workbook

• Gives you the exact tools and resources you need to launch your course for profit.



Toya Exnicoius

"I have to brag on Danita for a minute. She already posted the results that I received from taking her "Launch Your Course for Profit" class, but the impact of this class is so much greater than I can even put into words. First of all, she is SUPER knowledgeable about so many tools and resources to help you succeed in starting your course. Not to mention, she knows where all the FREE resources are, which is a bonus when you're just getting started and not wanting to over invest your resources before you're completely sure what you're doing.

The BIGGEST, HUGEST win for me was getting past the hurdle of exchanging money for my gifts. My business is service oriented with a backdrop of ministry, so it has been a mental battle to come to terms with how to quantify what I do with a dollar amount, while also staying connected to my pure heart to give. Danita challenges you, walks with you, and then gives you everything you need to overcome this barrier. That alone literally has shifted my LIFE & is worth its weight in gold. I will never be the same again after taking this course. I have told everybody I know about it because I know it will do the same for anybody who enrolls."

Toya Exnicious

Director of Women’s Ministry At World Changers Church International


“Launch your course for Profit" has blessed my life. The tools that she has provided me gave me the ability to take my vision and make it a reality. She took time and listened to what my heart desire was and helped bring clarity to every thought! My course idea has been only an idea for over a year. She encouraged me to pursue after my goal and helped me eliminate the limitations I had within myself. I believe this course will be a blessing to all who needs assistance in executing vision."

-Monique Haynes

Certified life coach

Author of Not Another Broken Woman

"If you have been 'thinking' about developing a course but have nothing to show for it, YOU NEED THIS BOOTCAMP!! Don't let that pretty smile fool ya. Danita is a BOSS and a PUSHER but it was oh so needed. You will not regret it. Best investment I've made in myself in a while."

-B Jacqueline Jeter

Career Strategist

John Maxwell Certifed Coach

"Coaching with Danita is a 5 star experience and so is her Launch Your Course Boot Camp! She is totally committed to seeing you launch your course to completion. Danita offers impeccable tools and resources, and she truly CARES. You are doing your life and business a disservice by missing an opportunity to partner with her to execute your brilliance!"

-Shekila Smith

The Confidence Coach

Certified Life Coach