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Interrupting Perfection



Execute Your Brilliance

5 keys to executing your vision

There are a number of purpose driven women struggling to go from idea to reality and from concept to execution.These women attend classes, conferences, trainings and workshops without executing the vision they see, which builds frustration and causes them to lose hope in their dreams. As a purpose driven woman, you are unique because you are connected to a bigger mission, vision, and achieving personal goals is not about checking off a list full of goals, it is about fulfilling the reason for your existence. For this reason, you deserve to get support to see these dreams come to pass.

Mission Driven Sales Workshop for Non-Profit Professional

How to identify and overcome the barriers that typically block you from achieving your goals.

The mission driven sales workshop is designed for nonprofit sales professionals and leaders. Nonprofit sales professionals need different tools than the traditional salesperson. These leaders need to understand how the mission of their work makes an impact in organizational objectives and still fulfills their original calling to the mission of the organization. This workshop is designed to increase satisfaction in sales and personal effectiveness. This session also encourages nonprofit sales leaders to get past their negative connotations about selling and learn from Mission-Driven Sales that selling equals service.

Get More Done in Less Time Workshop

Keys to creating Amplified Focus, Reducing Distractions and Non-Negotiable Boundaries

This session is designed for the successful woman that is wondering if there is more to life.  According to everyone else’s standards she has it all but she knows there’s something missing. Women who need to make a life shift  but just don’t know where to start and are tired of feeling stuck and slightly unfulfilled, running from task to task but never getting anything done need to attend “The Get More Done in Less Time” workshop. Attendees will receive an educational experience that equips & inspires them to move beyond their current state of overwhelm and doubt to experience a new level of success that they never thought was possible!

Interrupting Perfection in the Lives of Women

Recognizing and Interrupting Perfection in your life

Perfection has a sneaky way of convincing the best people that their best work is not good enough. As a former perfectionist, Danita is uniquely qualified to tackle this issue and it's underlying causes.  According to Psychology Today there is a direct link between perfection and depression. Women who are perfectionists can easily fall into patterns that cause them not to show up in their lives as the women they desire to be. In her signature talk,  Interrupting Perfection, Danita is able to address this issue in an honest, upfront, and direct way, giving the audience keys to freedom.



Danita’s story moves audiences to tears and cheers, and moves on their hearts, too. Through powerful personal revelations, she leads the audience to an understanding of how to change behaviors and expectations in order to be more fulfilled and effective.
— Sandy Weaver President of National Speakers of Association GA
I am extremely pleased to write this recommendation for Danita Scott. Danita is an amazing inspirational speaker and life coach. Her transparent, no nonsense, yet humorous style is infectious. She provides practical solutions that work. I have invited Danita to speak to the women of my business incubator on three occasions. The ladies look forward to hearing her because they know it will be highly engaging and full of nuggets they can implement right away. Danita is welcomed to speak at any event I host.
— Lexi Jones LLC, President and Master Coach of Lexi Jones LLC
I met Danita several months ago and we connected really quickly. I had the pleasure of working with her on a project and got a chance to experience her “take action now” concept. I had been bashful about doing a video to promote my business. For some reason, I felt everything had to be perfect to do it. She challenged me on the spot, took my phone, and gave me 1 minute to think of a topic to speak about on video. With her encouragement, I thought of a topic and the next thing I know, she was recording me speaking into the camera! I was not only amazed at myself for doing it, I was even more amazed at how Danita was able to “interrupt” my thought process of thinking all conditions had to be perfect for me to share my knowledge with others. Since then, I have gone on to do two more videos but this time with Facebook Live! I am no longer fearful and feel all things have to be perfect. Thanks Danita! You definitely have a gift and, for that, I truly appreciate you.
— Nickquolette Barrett Author of the "You're HIRED!" book series ~ Career & Interview Prep Coach ~ Résumé & LinkedIn Profile Writer ~ Speaker