Get More Done Accountability Group

Get More Done Accountability Group

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If you need accountability, strategy, and action, to produce your next level of results this program is for you. 

 My name is Danita Scott and I am performance specialist, action-oriented speaker, and a life coach for women a program. I created the Get More Done Today Accountability Program for purpose-driven women who are looking for accountability to achieve their highest goals. This program is not filled with magic dust, fairy tales, and hope. As a coach, I will help you to clear the clutter to establish a powerful, meaningful, and realistic goal then we will move forward into action to accomplish this goal.  I believe if you are focused on the right goal, with the right support, you can get more done in less time and love your life while doing so! 

You need this program if you are struggling to get more done in your life but you struggle with...





Doubting yourself? 

or Negative Self Talk?    

Does this sound like you? It is time to plan for the next year, so you go in the store, and you get the best planner, and say this is my answer I’m not organized. You say to yourself I’ll write my goals out and then I will get it all done. In March you find your planner in the corner collecting dust.

Or better yet you talk to your BFF and say this will be our year. The two of your promise to be accountable to your goals but somehow it gets lost in all of the stress of life.

Or maybe this is listen to a motivational speaker this person passionately shares you too can create your best life! You think I can do this! I'm going to create my dream life or at least lose last 10 pounds (or for some of us those 40 pounds). But something happens... somehow days later these dreams seem nearly impossible or maybe they are possible but you don't know how.

Fast forward the days turn into weeks then months you never see the life you dreamed. Frustration sets in and you find yourself at the end of another year further away from your goals, dreams, and desires. If you are being honest you are tired of planning for success, it seems like a fairytale! I can relate. As a purpose driven woman, you are unique because the time in your is connected to a bigger mission, vision, and achieving personal goals is not about checking off a list full of goals it is about fulfilling the reason for your existence. For this reason, you deserve to get support to see these dreams come to past.

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Is this accountability group for you?

Answer the following questions to see if Get More Done Today Accountability Group could be the missing link to unlocking your potential!

Are you a purpose driven woman that desires to accomplish your life mission somehow you have to constantly put yourself on the back burner?

Are you stuck in the “automatic zone”? Meaning you live your life on automatic and days run into weeks and months and you feel stuck on the sidelines of your life.

Do you want to learn how to have the courage to go after your real dreams?

You are successful but you feel trapped in that success.

You can’t image going on more year not seeing your goals fulfilled!

If you answered yes to any of these questions this group is for you! 

What we will cover:

  1. Time Management for Amplified Focus/Reducing Distractions
  2. Motivation and why it doesn’t work (what to do instead)
  3. Breakthrough Accountability, Consistency, and Focus
  4. How to Eliminate the Root of Procrastination
  5. Never Let Perfectionism stop you again!
  6. Trusting yourself: Using your intuition for success
  7. Protect/Bless your time
  8. Say NO! To get more done 
  9. Stop Overthinking! Getting into action mode
  10. How to ask for help!
  11. Clarifying your vision
  12. Just get started 

Together we will create realistic and actionable strategic plan. You will receive accountability, clarity and you will take action on your desires.

I will also bring in community experts to amplify your success in our monthly focused areas. 

Masterclass format: (all meetings held via Zoom and will be recorded)

Weekly group classes

Accountability plan

Weekly Action Items

Benefit of a group class  environment

Private Facebook Group for support

Program Start Date

1/7/18 at 4:30pm-6:00pm

The Investment:

$29.95 a monthly you save 15% off the monthly rate until 1/1/18 with the code SAVE


Program Structure:

  • Week One: Monthly Productivity Focus 
  • Week Two: Hear from Community Experts to Amplify Productivity in a Focus Area
  • Week Three: Open Q+A 
  • Week Four : Plan for the upcoming Month
  • Week Five (if a month has 5 Sunday's then take this time off to rest)
  • Who this class is for!
  • People tired of seeing success in all of the areas of their life but their biggest dreams
  • Women that have tried vision board, planners and success methods but are still struggle with procrastination 
  • This class is for women that struggle with perfectionism
  •  If you desire a high level of accountability  to accomplish your goals

Who is class is not for

  • If you are not open to new methods of accomplishing your dreams
  • If you are not looking to a high level of support to accelerate your success
  • If you to busy to invest time into your success
  • If you are not looking to make a major personal shift into your true desires