Life Interrupted Masterclass 6 week online program

Life Interrupted Masterclass 6 week online program


Are you a successful woman that's running your life on automatic? Are you in need of a kick in the pants but you don't know where to start?  Then, "The Get Interrupted " DIY online coach program is right for you. This program is designed to mimic a lunch date with your BFF. The program is fun, relatable, action oriented and brings authentic change. The ultimate goal of this program is an intentional mindset shift to interrupt patterns of limited thinking.


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Program Overview

Week 1

Wait, is this the life I signed up for? 

Key Learning: Identify the problem

Week 2

Topic: Hold on, I have to do what? 

Key Learning: Create a mindset for intentional growth

Week 3

Topic: Humm...Girl that is too much!

Key Learning; Get out of your Comfort Zone

Week 4

Topic: You come first

Key Learning; Self-Care the key to creating intentional change

Week 5 

Topic: I hear what you are saying but....

Key Learning; Get your But out of the way and test your limits

Week 6 

Topic: ...I can do bad all by myself

Key Learning; Asking for Help is a sign of strength, not weakness.  Developing and maintaining a system of support is critical for continued growth.