About Danita A. Scott

Danita Scott is a professional speaker, author, and personal development coach.  She is on a mission to empower women to execute their brilliance moving out of overthinking, self-doubt and perfectionism into personal excellence.  Her professional speaking career is dedicated to helping women identify and interrupt patterns that hold them back from achieving their dreams.  She is funny, relatable and honest about her successes and failures.

Have you ever accomplished a major goal and still felt like “I could have done just a little bit better”?  Do you often seek to achieve a perfect standard in your work? Are you eager to please others even if it means putting yourself on the back burner? Are you constantly waiting for the “right” moment to work on your dreams? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, you are in the right place. As a former perfectionist, she can easily relate to all of these issues. Her battle with perfection started early in life and for many years perfection held her back from people, relationships, and experiences that mattered. Most importantly it kept her from being as productive as she desired in her personal life. She found the same factors that were holding her back were holding back her clients from reaching there highest goals.  Danita helps her clients to identify their area of brilliance, develop a strategic plan to accomplish their goals and gives them the accountability/support they need to execute their dreams.   

Danita has a unique ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds.  She has spent her professional career in non-profit management and leading teams to accomplish big goals.  Danita's educational background supports her desire to implement positive change in the lives of others. Danita has co-authored three books In Her Shoes from Perfection to Acceptance, We walk by Faith and Not by Sight and Driven Success. She has a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management from Ashford University, and Master's of Education in Training and Performance Improvement specializing in Adult Education from Capella University.  Book Danita for your next event only if you want an exciting, dynamic, and accomplished speaker that will energize and educate your audience.