Walk by Faith not by Sight 

Women of Faith in the Market Place

Writing my first book was a real dream come true for many reasons but  most importantly because it allowed me to see that I could do anything through Christ including write a book. Writing is a struggle for me. I was diagnosed with dyslexia in the 3rd grade. I remember my teacher telling my mom that if only every test was oral,  I would pass with flying colors but that was not possible.  All through my childhood and adulthood,typos have been my enemy. When it comes to writing  I was in a cycle of failure because I had great ideas but I found it difficult to express them. When I write my greatest fear was saying something that sounded great in my head but failed miserably in writing.  This project showed me that I could express myself in writing. I do not have to be a perfect writer but I could Walk by Faith and Not by Sight! This book is dedicated to my original writing, speech, and all around coach McArthur Scott! 

Danita Scott  My Daddy McArthur Scott

Danita Scott

My Daddy McArthur Scott