How Not to Quit Part One

Last week I took a fun break to spend time with my family for thanksgiving it was fabulous but I missed you (my awesome audience and I could not wait to get back)

So its holiday time! The end of a great year and all of a sudden we can find ourselves in a holiday vacuum of buying, over spending, and looking forward the next year.  Does this sound like you?  What do you do with these last 30 days? Are they a wash? Do you start again in 30 days and say I have New Year I will accomplish more then? A very wise woman I know recently posted wrote a post about finishing strong in the last 30 days of the year. This stuck me because I looked at all of the things that I started and stopped this year and I sat and said to myself what it that I want to count for 2013? I stopped being a part of the wrong relationship; I tried all kinds of new things for my dieting quest, I started blogging yay! In the last 30 days of 2013 what do I really want accomplish? Now it’s 28ish, there is still plenty of time to finish strong am make substantial progress on a goal or start a new one.

If you feel anything like I have in the past you feel guilty for  not accomplishing what you wanted to. There is pressure to make a declaration that you will change and you don’t. Besides it’s the holiday season a reason to celebrate not to dig deep. I am challenging myself to change my thinking and see life in a new way. I go back to my favorite scripture “This is the day that the lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it! Ps 118:24

This is what I see in this scripture:

  • This is the day… Everyday counts not your future days but the days that are here right now
  • So start or restart your goals now!
  • …that the Lord made: this day has been handcrafted for you…this day counts
  • Let go of the guilt of the past and keep pressing
  • ….and I will 
  • God is giving me a choice I can choose my next action
  • ….Rejoice!!!!!!!!! 
  • God gave me a choice I and choose to rejoice Joy comes from what you know not how you feel
  • ….And be glad in it! 
  • With my choice I get to choose me feelings. I am not subject to whatever emotions come up.