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Dionne Dean

Dionne Dean

Dionne's Thoughts 

There is no issue in my life and business that I can't work through with Danita Scott. Her ability to meet me where I am and guide me through my mental blocks is astounding. Danita's assistance in helping me clear out the "clutter" in my head so that I can hear the truth of my situation has led to breakthroughs in both business and my home life. Expect to move towards complete resolution within your mind and business with Danita Scott.”

Dionne Dean  
Owner of ‘Styled by Dionne Dean’  Beauty and Style Expert

Nickquolette Barrett

Nickquolette Barrett

Nickquolette's Thougths 

“I met Danita several months ago and we connected really quickly. I had the pleasure of working with her on a project and got a chance to experience her "take action now" concept. I had been bashful about doing a video to promote my business. For some reason, I felt everything had to be perfect to do it. She challenged me on the spot, took my phone, and gave me 1 minute to think of a topic to speak about on video. With her encouragement, I thought of a topic and the next thing I know, she was recording me speaking into the camera! I was not only amazed at myself for doing it, I was even more amazed at how Danita was able to "interrupt" my thought process of thinking all conditions had to be perfect for me to share my knowledge with others. Since then, I have gone on to do more videos but this time with Facebook Live! I am no longer fearful and feel all things have to be perfect. Thanks Danita! You definitely have a gift and, for that, I truly appreciate you.”

Nickquolette Barrett

CEO of iRock Resumes Career Development Expert


Tiffany's Thoughts

“If you feel stuck, not sure how to reach or accomplish your goals or need motivation, you need Danita Scott's life coaching services. In just one evening, she helped me focus on what makes me happy and what I am truly passionate about doing on a regular basis. Then she gave simple methods to plan how to incorporate those things that make me happy into my daily life and how to create measurable steps and design my life to implement career goals related to my passion and purpose. Danita helps interrupt your thoughts that are preventing you from having the life you want and being happy. The Life Interrupted workshop is an intimate environment that Danita creates for her guests to feel comfortable in taking the time to get in tune with themselves and what they really want out of life. It was the best two hours I could have spent on a weeknight to help me obtain the motivation I needed to implementing those things I want to see manifest in my life. Please attend the next The Life Interrupted workshop if you want a life changing experience that will propel you to the next level.”

Tiffany Coleman Attorney at Law


"I have to brag on Danita for a minute the impact of this class is so much greater than I can even put into words. First of all, she is SUPER knowledgeable about so many tools and resources to help you succeed in starting your course. Not to mention, she knows where all the FREE resources are, which is a bonus when you're just getting started and not wanting to over invest your resources before you're completely sure what you're doing.

The BIGGEST, HUGEST win for me was getting past the hurdle of exchanging money for my gifts. My business is service oriented with a backdrop of ministry, so it has been a mental battle to come to terms with how to quantify what I do with a dollar amount, while also staying connected to my pure heart to give. Danita challenges you, walks with you, and then gives you everything you need to overcome this barrier. That alone literally has shifted my LIFE & is worth its weight in gold. I will never be the same again after taking this course. I have told everybody I know about it because I know it will do the same for anybody who enrolls."

Toya Exnicoius

Director of Women’s Ministry At World Changers Church International