Are you ready to crush it this year? Great don't set resolutions!

Are you ready to crush it this year? Great don't set resolutions!

Today is the best day ever! Happy New Year!

Are you ready to crush it this year?

by Danita A. Scott


Great! I have some bad news you probably won’t accomplish your resolutions, yep you won’t. Did you know only 8% of American’s accomplish their resolutions? So that means that 92% of us don’t accomplish goals that we set out to do in the New Year and that was me year after year until last year. Last year I decided not to set New Year’s resolutions I accomplished 5 times the things that I did in the past 5 years.

How did this happen?

I got out my cycle of insanity and got some help to hold me accountable. But let me take you on a short journey on the past 5 years where my goals were just fancy dreams.

  • Every year I would set ambitious goals and get the newest planner I knew would crush it! I would say to myself. “I’m not organized I’ll write my goals out and then I will get it all done.” In March I would find my planner in the corner collecting dust.

  • I would talk to my BFF and say “this will be our year!” The two of us promise to be accountable to our goals but somehow it gets lost in all of the stress of life.

  • I used to be a motivational junky! I would listen to a guru, expert or leader this person passionately shares, I too can create my best life! I would think, “I can do this! I'm going to create my dream life or at least lose last 10 pounds (nope let's be real 30 pounds).” But something would always happen...I would get derailed my dreams felt possible but I didn't know how.

    Let’s fast forward the days turn into weeks then months I would never accomplish my goals.Frustration sets in and I find myself further away from my goals, dreams, and desires. If I'm being honest I was tired of planning for success, it seems like a fairytale! I knew something needed to change this time I started with my thoughts. When my thinking changed I began to see obstacles as valuable lessons. I developed convictions that will help me to feel happier and achieve more, regardless of the situation.

This is what I have always done well!

· I make a quality decision for change. This means I make a decision based on research that will beneficial to me. For example, the goal of weight loss.

· Next I make realistic steps toward change. I buy more healthy food; I eliminate fast food and start exercising.

· I announce my change in lifestyle to gain support and encouragement from my inner circle.

· I also do a lot of research before I start anything to make sure the change that I am seeking is realistic.

This is what kept me stuck:

· I didn’t anticipate barriers to my success.

· I didn’t stick to my goals in the first 21 days consistently.

· I didn’t make contingency plans if I run into unexpected obstacles.

· I was a chronic over-thinker.

· I didn’t attack my most important goals 1st thing in the morning. (I often say I will do it this afternoon when the afternoon gets busy with unplanned activities.)

I discovered this about myself. I was full of ’S*it’ ‘.....the nice girl word is “excuses”. When I really want something nothing can stop me; no time constraints no obstacles no over thinking, nothing can stop me! So why do I participate in self-defeating behavior? It’s because I don’t believe in my goals enough to change. I doubt myself, I underperform, and then I make excuses and just average results. Well, I am done with that!!! One thing changed in 2017 I stopped waiting for the right time, stopped overthinking and stopped trying to be perfect. Those were the thoughts that were killing my dreams and stopping my progress! Consistent action is required for me to achieve my goals. I learned that action will rarely come at a convenient time. As a result of what I learned, I’m passionate about helping women F* their feelings (forget’ em) and get their most important goals done!


I’m hosting the F* your feelings (forget ‘em) and get your goals done webinar on 1/4/18.

After taking this webinar you will learn how to not lead your life by your feelings. You will be more confident in executing your goals and will be able to combat negative thoughts.

You will learn:

• Motivation and why it doesn’t work (what to do instead) • Breakthrough Accountability, Consistency, and Focus
• How to Eliminate the Root of Procrastination
Join me 1.4.18 at 7:30pmEST-9:00pm EST

Register here:

 Danita A. Scott is a professional coach, speaker, and author. I help successful purpose-driven women to get more done in less time and love their lives. I empower women to remove the mask of perfection, create powerful disruptions now, embrace your authentic self. As a result, the women that I work with are able to live an intentionally free life.

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