I need help! I have Shiny Object Syndrome! I am not consistent

I need help! I have Shiny Object Syndrome! I am not consistent


…I’m not consistent in any area that matters.

I love new exciting ideas they make my heart flutter with excitement. I am always in search of the next, new, and latest idea but this excitement is very short lived. As soon as the newest shining object comes along I’m ready to start conquering the next “project/idea/goal” but years are passing I am finding myself with results that look undesirable. I keep deciding to commit to my fitness, financial, career, love, family and friendship goals over and over again. Every time I start a new project and encounter failure that accompanies starting a new goal I don't quit but I give myself a way out and go back to my old ways and progress slows or stops. My personality leans towards innovation and trying new things constantly I HATE routine! If something starts to feel routine or mundane I start to resist strongly andlook for a new adventure to try.  I am over not seeing consistent results in the areas that matter to me. I am going to commit to 3 goals over the next 40 days and I am choosing an inconvenient time to start my consistency commitment. As I speak I am traveling with my family to New Orleans for the weekend when I return on Sunday I will be back in town for one day then off to Dallas Tx for a learning conference for four days. When I return from TXon Friday night at midnight Saturday I have a meeting at9am on Saturday until 5pm two hours from my home. Yes this is an “bad” time to do a consistency challengeI could easily make an excuse for not sticking to my word but I can’t do that anymore. In the coming days I only expect my life to get busier and I accept full responsibility for my life right now I will not allow myself to continue on a path that is no longer a fit for me. I have lived 39 years waiting for the right moment to start a new project, opportunity, and goals I have decided to move forward in the following goals:

40 day Goals

Goal 1 Health: I will do at least 10,000 steps daily, drink only water and unsweet tea (easy I love water). I will have green vegetables at least two meals per day. When I return from travel on 4/28 I will drink one gallon of water daily. I will wake up at 4:30 am daily and go to bed by 10pm.

Goal 2 Career/ A goal that scares me; Writing a blog, article, post with 400 (or more) words daily based on my life and business goals

Goal 3: A daily live or pre-recorded video that addresses my business and personal goals. I will connect to 2 influencers per week/ in person, by phone/email.

Check In: I will do 4 check ins about my goal progress on4/30, 5/10, 5/20 5/30 and 6/9. During these check in I will be honest about my successes and failures and any refinements/adjustments that are needed. 

I am crafting some spiritual and financial goals that I will share during the journey.  


Keep me accountable! 

Track my fitness progress: I have a Garmin fitness watch you can follow me at Danita-wins. 

Follow my journey: My writingbe on www.danitascott.com  and on my Facebook page. andbusiness related articles will be on Linked In my videos will be posted on Facebook page.

Challenge meI will not refuse any legal, positive or related challenge that you give to me over the next 40 days. I will accept one new community challenge weekly. Examples: push up challenge or vegan 3 day challenge or videos on specific topics. If the challenge is not related I will not do it :)  For example go to New York City Times and run naked in the streets ( I’m not doing that for any reason) 

Join me today 4/21 at 7pm (eastern time) for a live board castI discuss more about high cost ofinconsistency. 


My Life Interrupted!

My Life Interrupted!

There is room for your gift!

There is room for your gift!