There is room for your gift!

Life has a way of shifting our focus off of the things that matter. Sometimes you can feel like you are not very special. I have felt that way lost and confused about my true purpose.  Here are some of my thoughts from the past:

“What is so special about me? Why do I stand out from others? Maybe my dreams are just that dreams that will never come true.  There are so many other people that can do what I do what makes my gift special?” Yep there are doubting voices that challenge our dreams but…….I am here to announce today there is room for your gift!

I want you to think it about there is a market for almost everything:

Chanel and Michael Kors

iPhone and Androids

Chick-Fil-A and Zaxbys

Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s

Cover Girl and M.A.C. (cosmetics)

American Idol and The Voice

I could continue to draw endless correlations but I think you get the point. There are hundreds of brands that sell the same type of product with tiny innovations and there is room for that gift.  Each one of these people started with an idea, a vision, a goal, and a desire for something different that was not represented in the market place.  These companies started were you are, where I am, they started at start. There will always be different advantages and disadvantages in every situation but if you never step out how will you know that success won’t be waiting on you?  People are waiting for you to create that business that solves an important problem. People are waiting for you to become a successful inventor, designer, chef, artist, performer, scientist, writer, change agent, politician whatever your dream is. You are a solution to a major problem. You are the difference maker! Your voice matters, your ideas matter, your dream matters!  Your gift matters not only to you but it matters because you were created for a purpose. You are not an accident and you have a value that is beyond words. So I say to you dust off that dream. Go for it. Don’t count yourself out because someone is waiting for you. They’re waiting for your gift!