No More Monday Blues part 2

Inspiration Monday

Monday’s are hard for so many people because so many of us do what we have to do not  what we dream of. So on Monday’s I will do my best to inspire you into greatness! My first inspirational story is features one of my favorite people in the world my sister Regina “Ginee” Scott. I love this girl so much she constantly inspires me to do more and love more. I always tell people she is the perfect sister and the one of my dreams I am blessed to have her in my life.

Why does Ginee inspire me? She is exactly the sister that I prayed for. I have two great brothers but growing up I always wanted a baby sister. After years of asking my parents about this with no luck I had given up on my dream. My mom was done having children and I was 13 years old so I thought my dream was over. But to our family’s surprise my mom became pregnant in her late 30’s. My sister when she was born she was definitely an unexpected blessing to our family. As a child my sister has always had a strong determination for success she believed in her dreams and I love that.  When she was four years old we were playing in the backyard she said” I am going to graduate from UGA”.  I said “ok go for it”.  I am not sure if she knew what graduate meant at four years old but nevertheless in her mind it was already done.

As she grew up Ginee she surrounded herself with everything UGA and the dream started to grow from that point on she always said “I am going to UGA.” When it was time to apply to college she was confident that she would be accepted to UGA and so was our family. She had good grades, she was a leader at school there was never a second thought of her not getting in. But that did not happen she was not accepted it was hurtful and devastating to her to not get into the college of her dreams.   What I love about my sister is she had a plan for her success. For the 1st two years she attended smaller colleges and kept the dream of UGA in her heart. After her second year at a smaller school she was accepted to her dream school UGA. Now, I am proud to report as of December 2013   she graduated from UGA with a B.S. in Psychology and a 3.5 GPA. She inspires me to never give up and to keep your dreams in focus I am so proud of her and I know she will accomplish much more in the future.

So if you have a dream this is what I have learned about dreams. The dream is free but the work to bring it to pass is real!  

Here are my Dream Development tips:

  • Write you dream down as if you have already achieved it.

  • Keep the dream in focus no matter what you see happening in front of you (my sister always saw herself graduating from UGA)

  • No matter what don’t let go! Expect the challenges to come because this tests your faith in your dream.  Don’t let situations talk you out of what you believe.

  • Last believe that you can live the life that God has called you to! Dream so big that it leaves a legacy for others to be inspired too.

Until next time,

Stay Gorgeous!

No more Monday Blues

No more Monday Blues

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