No more Monday Blues

No more Monday Blues


Do you have the Monday Blues? 

Did you know that there are more heart attacks on Monday that any other day of the week. You were not born to  almost get by until the day you die.  You were born to live a life of purpose where you are doing work that matters to you.  Don’t let stress kill your heart and make you unhappy. I have never had a heart attack but I can relate to having a job that makes you hate Monday’s.   A few years ago I had a job that was not a fit for me, this job made me feel unproductive.  Every Sunday night I had a stomach ache I hated Monday. I had friends that loved their jobs and they were productive.  I was angry about my life and I wanted to have a job that made me happy. Until I changed my attitude I made no progress.  When I was ready to go to the next level  I did two things  to help me to get to the place that I desired to be : I made an investment in my dreams and started speaking to my future.


  • What do others say you are good at
  • What did you dream about as a child
  • Look for patterns from your childhood dreams and your current interest to find your talents


  • Take an inventory day: to think about all the things  you are naturally good at
  • What makes you smile what comes easily to you: (your gift is related to this)
  • Make a Dream Journal and see yourself living your dream life
  • Read books related to finding your dream


  • Try one of your dreams volunteer or intern doing one of your interest
  • Do an informational interview with a company you are interested in.
  • Start NOW! Even if you fail you should you will learn in the process.
  • Help someone else with their BIG dream

Recommended books for finding your dream:

  1. The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson  (helps to find your dreams)
  2. Your Perfect Job by Robert Bittner ( helps find your talents)
  3. 48 Days To The Work That You Love By Dan Miller (helps you find a career path and a side hustle)
  4. Eat That Frog  by Brian Tracey (A fun approach to time management)

Until Next Time,

Stay Gorgeous!

Make Room for your dream

Make Room for your dream

No More Monday Blues part 2