A letter to my future Husband

This a sappy sweet letter to my future husband.


A part of me always has always loved you. I remember riding the bus home at eight years old looking up at the sky dreaming of the day I would met you. At that age you were my Disney Prince we would fall in love at 1st site and you would rescue me from anything. You would take me into our fairytale life that was our love story at eight. At eighteen I was a girl that had never been in love, never been on a date, and never had a boyfriend. I was in love with love. I knew you would come and find me and make my dreams come true. I had a every clear plan for our life.  I would meet you in college. We would marry by age 24and have a family with 3 kids by the time we were 28. We would buy a house in a beautiful neighborhood a send our kids to college. In our second life by the time we were 45 years old we would travel the world and enjoy life together. I was a girl then with childhood dream.

Since that time I have grown up, fallen in and out of love, experienced heartbreak and learned a lot about life. In all the ups and downs I have waited on you, prayed for you, gotten mad that you had not come for me yet, cried for you, and lost hope that I would ever meet you. Even on the worst day no matter how I felt in the moment I still had hope that someday I would meet you. I know I was made to accomplish great things for God and I was also made to love you.  I want to be your best friend, the person whom you can tell you deepest dreams, fears, concerns and hopes to. I want to hold your hand and walk in the park. I want to laugh with you and make you laugh at my lame jokes. I want to hold your hand while we sleep. I want to cuddle with and our children in bed on Sunday afternoons.  I never met you, I’ve never held your hand, I’ve never slow danced with you to our favorite song but I love you.

My heart was made to love you and forgive you. I know our moment is coming with a glad heart I wait. I still look up in the sky and dream of the day we met. I get excited when I dream of our life together.  I am no longer looking for a childhood prince but a real life King. I am waiting for a king with faults and battle scars. A king that loves “The King” more than he will ever love me. I wait because I know we are destined for a great life together.

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