Are you ready to crush it this year? Great don't set resolutions!

 Are you ready to crush it this year? Great don't set resolutions!

Are you ready to crush it this year?

Great! I have some bad news you probably won’t accomplish your resolutions, yep you won’t. Did you know only 8% of American’s accomplish their resolutions? So that means that 92% of us don’t accomplish goals that we set out to do in the New Year and that was me year after year until last year. Last year I decided not to set New Year’s resolutions I accomplished 5 times the things that I did in the past 5 years.

Life Interrupted Today


Life Interrupted Today!

From everyone else point of view I looked like I had “it all” how could this possibly not be the life that I really wanted?  Underneath the surface I knew this was not the life that I signed up for. I was struggling so bad it hurt. Sometimes I just wanted to throw my hands up and let someone else lead my life.

Life Interrupted Today!

By Danita A. Scott

I was that woman that could check off all the boxes; great career, happy family, amazing friends, strong community connections, higher education but I was missing something. From everyone else point of view I looked like I had “it all” how could this possibly not be the life that I really wanted?  Underneath the surface I knew this was not the life that I signed up for. I was struggling so bad it hurt. Sometimes I just wanted to throw my hands up and let someone else lead my life.  I kept thinking at some point it was going to just click I would walk into the life that I was meant to have. You know the one where all of my hopes and dreams would be realized.

The one where my student loan debt was gone I had and I could enjoy my job, pay all of bills that damn American Dream I signed up for! I did my part when is “it” just going to work for me. Instead I felt constant pressure overwhelm, stress, and the anxiety was almost a friend. I had to met everyone’s needs but my own. I reached a breaking point where I could no longer live life on anyone’s terms.  

I needed freedom.  But who in the hell lives a fantasy life of freedom? BUT wait did I mention I had $109,000 dollars worth of student loan debt going after my pipe dream” of making any major life changes would involved more than just me. I couldn’t just quit my job and do whatever. Trying a new imaginary life is something only the foolish or the rich can afford to try.  I have real bills, obligations and couldn’t just run off into the sunset and create a “new life” or could I?  In March of 2017 I found myself at 38 years old with $109,000 of student loan debt turning in my two week notice. (I have to keep mentioning this because they told me if I got the degrees it would all work out THE LIES!)  

People kept asking me what are you going to do…..humm… almost anything but this. All that knew I wanted to become a speaker and a life coach but how in the hell do you make money off that? What l do I need next a website, headshots, Social Media, a blog, speaking topics, call some people and say I’m a great speaker you should hire me. I decided that was a bad plan. Instead I hired an amazing business coach to help me with the day to day operations of my business. I and took the leap into entrepreneurship andlet me tell you it’s been scary, life changing, and worth it. I took the leap and can too! Don’t go quit your job run off into the sunset…instead don’t give up on your dreams and start to create a plan for freedom. 

If ANY of this resonates with you, I suggest you allow yourself to step off of the treadmill of life and start to embrace the life that you truly want. When I started to unravel the chaos of my life I started by receiving mercy and accepting the help that I needed. This is how I started to create the life I wanted:

  • I let go of mistakes
  • I accepted my imperfections
  • I let of comparisons
  • I watched my words

 I letting go of being ashamed of making mistakes

I not longer feel ashamed and annoyed by my mistakes! I was born to grow and make mistakes. As an adults we can think too deeply about making mistakes I made a choice to be free from this. I reminded myself that everyone makes mistakes, has scars, or feels inadequate at some point in their lives. I avoided dwelling on these facets of my life. 

I accepted my Imperfections they making me interesting, special, and unique. 

It’s time to accept them instead of fighting them.Loving myself, including my imperfections, doesn’t mean that I didn’t have self-improvement goals. I always strive to strengthen my good qualities and develop skills and characteristics that improve my life while loving the person I am .

I let go of the comparisons.  Spending time comparing myself to others, is a waste and it was time to stop. My journey is unique I’m not on the same path as anyone else. Instead of comparing yourself to someone else, focus on me first so I learn to lead myself first. I pay attention to my victories celebrate my accomplishments, and look forward to a bright future with my own goals. I had to remember I am not broken. It’s tempting to view setbacks as permanent, but focus on overcoming them. Challenges are a part of everyone’s life, so there isn’t something inherently wrong with me because I have obstacles.

I Pay attention to what I say to myself. There is a direct link between self-talk and your health and mental wellness.

When I notice you use negative self-talk I stop it in it’s tracks. When myinner dialogue makes me feel inferior, ashamed, or guilty. I shut it down! I don’t want my words to create more pain and suffering! 

I have learned to forgive myself and be gentler and kinder to me. Each time I say something negative, immediately change it to something positive, instead. I learned how to love myself from inside and out. As a result, my self-confidence increased, and I gained greater peace.  

If you want to truly go after the life that you want you may need help I am here to do just that. I help highly successful women to remove the mask of perfection, fear and anxiety; by powerfully disrupting the dysfunctional parts of life, I help women to embrace their authentic selves so that they can break and deploy boundaries of limited thinking. On September 28, 2017 at 8:30pm EST I am having a webinar for women that are looking to start creating the life they want. If you want to join go to


My Life Interrupted!

My Life Interrupted!

My Life Interrupted ... 

For many years I felt like I was living a parallel life. On the outside I was confident, outgoing, optimistic and charismatic on the inside I spent many days crying trying to figure out what was missing. In essence, I felt like there was more that I could offer to my life and the lives of those who I loved. I didn't know how to do that, I was stuck....

I need help! I have Shiny Object Syndrome! I am not consistent


…I’m not consistent in any area that matters.

I love new exciting ideas they make my heart flutter with excitement. I am always in search of the next, new, and latest idea but this excitement is very short lived. As soon as the newest shining object comes along I’m ready to start conquering the next “project/idea/goal” but years are passing I am finding myself with results that look undesirable. I keep deciding to commit to my fitness, financial, career, love, family and friendship goals over and over again. Every time I start a new project and encounter failure that accompanies starting a new goal I don't quit but I give myself a way out and go back to my old ways and progress slows or stops. My personality leans towards innovation and trying new things constantly I HATE routine! If something starts to feel routine or mundane I start to resist strongly andlook for a new adventure to try.  I am over not seeing consistent results in the areas that matter to me. I am going to commit to 3 goals over the next 40 days and I am choosing an inconvenient time to start my consistency commitment. As I speak I am traveling with my family to New Orleans for the weekend when I return on Sunday I will be back in town for one day then off to Dallas Tx for a learning conference for four days. When I return from TXon Friday night at midnight Saturday I have a meeting at9am on Saturday until 5pm two hours from my home. Yes this is an “bad” time to do a consistency challengeI could easily make an excuse for not sticking to my word but I can’t do that anymore. In the coming days I only expect my life to get busier and I accept full responsibility for my life right now I will not allow myself to continue on a path that is no longer a fit for me. I have lived 39 years waiting for the right moment to start a new project, opportunity, and goals I have decided to move forward in the following goals:

40 day Goals

Goal 1 Health: I will do at least 10,000 steps daily, drink only water and unsweet tea (easy I love water). I will have green vegetables at least two meals per day. When I return from travel on 4/28 I will drink one gallon of water daily. I will wake up at 4:30 am daily and go to bed by 10pm.

Goal 2 Career/ A goal that scares me; Writing a blog, article, post with 400 (or more) words daily based on my life and business goals

Goal 3: A daily live or pre-recorded video that addresses my business and personal goals. I will connect to 2 influencers per week/ in person, by phone/email.

Check In: I will do 4 check ins about my goal progress on4/30, 5/10, 5/20 5/30 and 6/9. During these check in I will be honest about my successes and failures and any refinements/adjustments that are needed. 

I am crafting some spiritual and financial goals that I will share during the journey.  


Keep me accountable! 

Track my fitness progress: I have a Garmin fitness watch you can follow me at Danita-wins. 

Follow my journey: My writingbe on  and on my Facebook page. andbusiness related articles will be on Linked In my videos will be posted on Facebook page.

Challenge meI will not refuse any legal, positive or related challenge that you give to me over the next 40 days. I will accept one new community challenge weekly. Examples: push up challenge or vegan 3 day challenge or videos on specific topics. If the challenge is not related I will not do it :)  For example go to New York City Times and run naked in the streets ( I’m not doing that for any reason) 

Join me today 4/21 at 7pm (eastern time) for a live board castI discuss more about high cost ofinconsistency. 


There is room for your gift!

Life has a way of shifting our focus off of the things that matter. Sometimes you can feel like you are not very special. I have felt that way lost and confused about my true purpose.  Here are some of my thoughts from the past:

“What is so special about me? Why do I stand out from others? Maybe my dreams are just that dreams that will never come true.  There are so many other people that can do what I do what makes my gift special?” Yep there are doubting voices that challenge our dreams but…….I am here to announce today there is room for your gift!

I want you to think it about there is a market for almost everything:

Chanel and Michael Kors

iPhone and Androids

Chick-Fil-A and Zaxbys

Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s

Cover Girl and M.A.C. (cosmetics)

American Idol and The Voice

I could continue to draw endless correlations but I think you get the point. There are hundreds of brands that sell the same type of product with tiny innovations and there is room for that gift.  Each one of these people started with an idea, a vision, a goal, and a desire for something different that was not represented in the market place.  These companies started were you are, where I am, they started at start. There will always be different advantages and disadvantages in every situation but if you never step out how will you know that success won’t be waiting on you?  People are waiting for you to create that business that solves an important problem. People are waiting for you to become a successful inventor, designer, chef, artist, performer, scientist, writer, change agent, politician whatever your dream is. You are a solution to a major problem. You are the difference maker! Your voice matters, your ideas matter, your dream matters!  Your gift matters not only to you but it matters because you were created for a purpose. You are not an accident and you have a value that is beyond words. So I say to you dust off that dream. Go for it. Don’t count yourself out because someone is waiting for you. They’re waiting for your gift!

Make Room for your dream


How do you make an investment in your dream:

You have to define your dream: What are you supposed to be doing in your life? Why were you born?

  • Check out my post on for help with this:

Once you know your dream: You must make an investment in your Dream!

  • Start by finding someone who is doing what you want to do and get to know them. If you want to be a lawyer, find a lawyer that is practicing the type of law you want to practice and do an informational interview.Offer to take that person  to lunch on you. (You must make an investment)
  • Go back to school or get the knowledge that you need to make the changes necessary.  (You must make an investment)
  • Never be afraid to do something unconventional like take an internship in a new field . (You must make an investment)
  • How bad do you really want to change? If you really want to change you have to think outside of the box!

Speak into your future: I love my current job I spoke it into existence years before I had it. A few years ago I made a list of everything that I wanted in a job; the type of boss in wanted, work schedule, benefits, leadership and growth opportunities. I wrote down everything that was important to me at the time. I would look at my list and say out loud daily I will work in the job of my dreams. You have to have it  in your heart before you have it  in the natural.

  • Make a write or type list of what you want  in your dream job. Post up your list in different places all over your house  and say daily I see myself walking into my dream job.
  • Dress for where you are going not where you are.  You are going to be promoted you have act like it.
  • Stay positive. No matter how you feel speak to your future not your past.

Anytime I give advice please know that I have done what I am asking you to do. I have taken an internship (for almost no money and worked 2 jobs to make up the difference). I have networked with new people to learn more. I have taken people to lunch, coffee, tea, dinner to gain insight. I currently working full time I have a business and I am in graduate school. I am always surrounding myself with people who are go getters. I use my confessions of faith I speak into my future. It works you just have to try it!

Don’t let your feelings determine your faith. You are going to be promoted, you will walk into the next level of success believe that no matter what you see!!!!

No More Monday Blues part 2

Inspiration Monday

Monday’s are hard for so many people because so many of us do what we have to do not  what we dream of. So on Monday’s I will do my best to inspire you into greatness! My first inspirational story is features one of my favorite people in the world my sister Regina “Ginee” Scott. I love this girl so much she constantly inspires me to do more and love more. I always tell people she is the perfect sister and the one of my dreams I am blessed to have her in my life.

Why does Ginee inspire me? She is exactly the sister that I prayed for. I have two great brothers but growing up I always wanted a baby sister. After years of asking my parents about this with no luck I had given up on my dream. My mom was done having children and I was 13 years old so I thought my dream was over. But to our family’s surprise my mom became pregnant in her late 30’s. My sister when she was born she was definitely an unexpected blessing to our family. As a child my sister has always had a strong determination for success she believed in her dreams and I love that.  When she was four years old we were playing in the backyard she said” I am going to graduate from UGA”.  I said “ok go for it”.  I am not sure if she knew what graduate meant at four years old but nevertheless in her mind it was already done.

As she grew up Ginee she surrounded herself with everything UGA and the dream started to grow from that point on she always said “I am going to UGA.” When it was time to apply to college she was confident that she would be accepted to UGA and so was our family. She had good grades, she was a leader at school there was never a second thought of her not getting in. But that did not happen she was not accepted it was hurtful and devastating to her to not get into the college of her dreams.   What I love about my sister is she had a plan for her success. For the 1st two years she attended smaller colleges and kept the dream of UGA in her heart. After her second year at a smaller school she was accepted to her dream school UGA. Now, I am proud to report as of December 2013   she graduated from UGA with a B.S. in Psychology and a 3.5 GPA. She inspires me to never give up and to keep your dreams in focus I am so proud of her and I know she will accomplish much more in the future.

So if you have a dream this is what I have learned about dreams. The dream is free but the work to bring it to pass is real!  

Here are my Dream Development tips:

  • Write you dream down as if you have already achieved it.

  • Keep the dream in focus no matter what you see happening in front of you (my sister always saw herself graduating from UGA)

  • No matter what don’t let go! Expect the challenges to come because this tests your faith in your dream.  Don’t let situations talk you out of what you believe.

  • Last believe that you can live the life that God has called you to! Dream so big that it leaves a legacy for others to be inspired too.

Until next time,

Stay Gorgeous!

A letter to my future Husband

This a sappy sweet letter to my future husband.


A part of me always has always loved you. I remember riding the bus home at eight years old looking up at the sky dreaming of the day I would met you. At that age you were my Disney Prince we would fall in love at 1st site and you would rescue me from anything. You would take me into our fairytale life that was our love story at eight. At eighteen I was a girl that had never been in love, never been on a date, and never had a boyfriend. I was in love with love. I knew you would come and find me and make my dreams come true. I had a every clear plan for our life.  I would meet you in college. We would marry by age 24and have a family with 3 kids by the time we were 28. We would buy a house in a beautiful neighborhood a send our kids to college. In our second life by the time we were 45 years old we would travel the world and enjoy life together. I was a girl then with childhood dream.

Since that time I have grown up, fallen in and out of love, experienced heartbreak and learned a lot about life. In all the ups and downs I have waited on you, prayed for you, gotten mad that you had not come for me yet, cried for you, and lost hope that I would ever meet you. Even on the worst day no matter how I felt in the moment I still had hope that someday I would meet you. I know I was made to accomplish great things for God and I was also made to love you.  I want to be your best friend, the person whom you can tell you deepest dreams, fears, concerns and hopes to. I want to hold your hand and walk in the park. I want to laugh with you and make you laugh at my lame jokes. I want to hold your hand while we sleep. I want to cuddle with and our children in bed on Sunday afternoons.  I never met you, I’ve never held your hand, I’ve never slow danced with you to our favorite song but I love you.

My heart was made to love you and forgive you. I know our moment is coming with a glad heart I wait. I still look up in the sky and dream of the day we met. I get excited when I dream of our life together.  I am no longer looking for a childhood prince but a real life King. I am waiting for a king with faults and battle scars. A king that loves “The King” more than he will ever love me. I wait because I know we are destined for a great life together.