Danita A. Scott

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I help entrepreneurs create powerful and profitable online courses!


Attention Faith Based Coaches, Purpose Driven Leaders, Bloggers, Authors and Consultants!

Are you ready to Create and Profit from your 1st Online Course?

Have your ever said to yourself….

 I have a great idea but I don’t know how that could translate into an online course?

• I want to create a course, but I don't know where to start?

• I am tired of people consistently coming to me for free advice, can I turn my advice into an online course?

• How can I turn my book into an online course?

• I want to create a course, but who has time to learn the technology? I think it is just too hard to jump into this space!


Our Services

  • Course design from start to finish

  • Master you sales process for course creators

  • DIY course design resources

  • Course creation process map

  • Consultations for new course creators

  • Curriculum design resources


"I have to brag on Danita for a minute.The BIGGEST, HUGEST win for me was getting past the hurdle of exchanging money for my gifts. My business is service oriented with a backdrop of ministry, so it has been a mental battle to come to terms with how to quantify what I do with a dollar amount, while also staying connected to my pure heart to give. Danita challenges you, walks with you, and then gives you everything you need to overcome this barrier. 

-Toya Exnicious

Director of Women’s Ministry

World Changers Church International


Why should faith based and purpose driven leaders Launch Online Courses?

As a leader, I am on a mission to empower faith based and purpose-driven leaders to create powerful and profitable online courses. I love faith and purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Why? Because you love people enough to help transform lives, but I have a question for you. Who is helping you earn the profit you deserve for your brilliant ideas? This is where I step in.No matter how good you are at what you do, no matter how hard you work, or how much you produce, one of the most important skills you need to develop to thrive in business is this the ability to turn your ideas into profitable action. This workshop is different because it is about taking massive strategic action on your ideas and getting simple, easy to implement steps that will help you launch your online course quickly. Creating a online course will offer you freedom to finally charge for your gift and serve your audience.