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Interrupting Perfection



Interrupting Perfection in the Lives of Women

Perfection has a sneaky way of convincing the best people that their best that their work is not good enough. As a former perfectionist, Danita is uniquely qualified to tackle this issue and its underlying causes.  According to Psychology Today there is a direct link between perfection and depression. Women who are perfectionists can easily fall into patterns of perfection causing them not to show up in their lives as the women they desire to be. In her Signature Talk  Interrupting Perfection Danita is able to address this issue in an honest, upfront and direct way and gives the audience keys to freedom. 

Life Interrupted

Are you tired of not being authentically you? Are you hiding in your own life? Ready to press the reset button in your life? Then you are ready for Life Interrupted workshop!  Participants walk away with 5 keys to living a Life Interrupted. Participants will also learn common triggers that will keep you from living the life of their dreams. 

Interrupting Cycles of Failure

To fail is to be human but to stay in a cycle of failure will limit your whole life.  Experiencing the sting of failure is normal but some of us get stuck in a cycle of failure. What is a cycle of Failure? This is when a failure controls you and will not allow you to move forward. You could be struggling with a fear of public speaking,  asking your boss for a raise or even having the courage to start one of your big dreams. This keynote will inspire you to take action and go for your desires. 

Consulting Expertise:

Danita has spent the last 11 years in non-profit management. She has expertise in volunteer management, non-profit staff development, and training performance improvement. She has a Bachelors in Organizational Management and a Masters in Training and Performance Improvement with a Specialization in Adult Education. Danita has done every volunteer job from Greeter,  to Youth Ministry Program Coordinator. Currently she works in a leadership position in a major non-profit. She understands the needs of volunteers and the staff that lead them. Whether you are looking for a workshop leader for a conference, a breakout session or a dynamic and qualified Keynote Speaker that will leave your audience inspired and ready to take action Danita is your choice.



Help! I Need Volunteers

Finding the right volunteers for your organization can prove to be a difficult and time consuming job. Once you find the right volunteers, keeping them engaged and excited is another task all together. In this workshop, Danita shares the keys to tapping into your hidden volunteer market.  This workshop will empower your staff and volunteers to speak confidently and passionetly about your cause, to help move your mission forward.  

Empowering Non-profit Staff to See Beyond the Job Title

Most people in a non-profit organization are there to make a difference, but their passion to effect change with the mission can cloud their vision to the business side of non-profit management.  Danita focused her Master's Degree in understanding the performance issues for staff in non-profit organizations. This keynote session is designed for leaders in non-profit management to clearly convey the organizational needs staff to at every level so that both the mission and business  decisions can be conveyed with ease. This keynote is perfect for non-profit leaders with youth focused organizations.

Danita’s story moves audiences to tears and cheers, and moves on their hearts, too. Through powerful personal revelations, she leads the audience to an understanding of how to change behaviors and expectations in order to be more fulfilled and effective.
— Sandy Weaver Motivational Speaker
As a speaker Danita is confident, clear exciting! her message helped me to think differently and achieve my personal goals.
— Amanda Duhart Digital Marketing Consultant